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Student films terrifying moment tourist boat capsizes off Costa Rican coast from youtube by SWNS TV
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Terrifying video of the moment a tourist catamaran sank killing a British man - caught on camera by a student who swam for her life from the sinking wreckage

Three people died when the 100ft catamaran sank in a matter of minutes off the coast of Costa Rica, leaving 106 people desperate for help. The tragedy - which claimed the life of Brit Ivor Stanley Hopkins, 80 - was blamed on choppy seas and high winds. Passenger Alexis Esneault, then 21, captures the entire terrifying experience on a waterproof hand-held Go Pro Camera. The alarming film - the first to show the tragedy - shows the boat tip as water rushes on deck, and passengers scream as they are engulfed by the waves.

Student Alexis is plunged underwater - alongside a mother clinging to her children - and manages to escape the canopy and swim up to the surface by ditching her life jacket.The chilling footage shows passengers clinging to each other while the boat sinks, and the moment they realise Brit pensioner Mr Hopkins is floating dead in the water.

Speaking for the first time, Alexis, now 23, from Alabama, USA, said: "At first I had no idea it was so serious.