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How to Film in Slow Motion Using Sony a7Rii, a7Sii, a6300, RX100iv and RX10ii Cameras from youtube by The Gary Fong Channel
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This video is an excerpt from Gary and Justin's Sony Mirrorless Cinema Course available at:

Watch a live demonstration of the powerful HFR feature in the latest Sony a7Rii, a7Sii and a6300, as well as the RX100iv and RX10ii, mirrorless camera and how to achieve beautiful, cinematic slow motion for your latest film.

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Video Transcript:

Let’s talk about HFR because that was one of the things that I thought was so cool when the new RX camera came out. We were in Hawaii, we just got our Sony RX10ii and RX100iv and they both do HRF.

We did a premium series on both those cameras. The HFR and it was, like, we said 960 frames per second. Yeah. So there we were out in the pool having the water splash in slow motion. It was very dramatic. You could almost do like a really cool audio..can you just show that scene?

So the one thing about HFR is that you are able to capture after the fact and that's one thing when people think ultra slow motion, right, Oh it would be so cool to have the bullet going right through that Apple, right, but you look go..ah..crap..get another apple!

Ah. Again! Go buy another sack of apples. You know? It’s not that way with HRF because what it does is it captures into the memory and it's only when you record, so it's while you're in HFR viewing mode, it's actually buffering up.

So imagine you've shot your bullet into the Apple, right, the Apple explodes, then you hit record. How much More relaxed are you. Right. Rather than anticipate when something's going to happen, you actually take the picture after something has happen, because it's recording backwards.

I'll show you how that works. The preferred way to shoot with HFR would be to put the Recording Setting on the End Trigger. The End Trigger means that it will start recording after the event has taken place.

Where as with Start Trigger you have to anticipate when that's gonna happen. So, just say for example, you know, you're shooting a bullet through an apple and you wanna catch that. You would have to make sure that you had that thing on when the bullet is flying, but if you're in End Trigger, then what happens after the bullet explodes, and you see all the pieces flying everywhere, then you can hit the record button and it actually monitored backward.

Actually clap for like two seconds. Just like applause. Okay, go ahead. Now it's recording, and there you go. Now you can see your hands moving, she's clapping. It's so interesting because when the fingers collide they look like they're..yeah..

So what we're going to do is show you the high frame rate for the Sony a7Sii and that is 10 frames per second or 4x slow motion. So what I’m going to do is to have my model run toward me and then I'll show you how that works. What we've done is we've gone into Menu and then I put the camera into Movie Mode.

Once it's in Movie Mode, then once I hit Function, High Frame Rate, Aperture. Ok, and so that's that. Now all I need to do some record as she's running toward me.