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How Many Fingers? + More | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs from youtube by Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs
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""How Many Fingers?" is one of our favorite kids songs to learn to count to 10. Sing and dance to this Super Simple children's song with the friendly monster finger family! All you need to play along with this counting song are your fingers and toes. We created ""How Many Fingers?"" to be a simple and fun numbers song for preschool and kindergarten circle times, or just for singing at home or in the car with the family. It's a great way to learn to count and it's one of our favorite songs for kids. This kids songs compilation also includes ""One Little Finger"", ""One Potato, Two Potatoes"", ""The Itsy Bitsy Spider"", and many more children's songs and nursery rhymes. Let's practice counting!

Song List:
How Many Fingers? 0:00:05
One Little Finger 0:02:49
One Potato, Two Potatoes 0:04:23
Open Shut Them 0:05:44
Put On Your Shoes 0:08:08
Rain Rain Go Away 0:11:03
Ten In The Bed 0:13:18
The Bath Song 0:15:49
The Itsy Bitsy Spider 0:17:51
The Wheels On The Bus 0:19:54
The Pinocchio 0:22:21
The Alphabet Chant 0:25:30
The Shape Song #1 0:27:15
Uh-huh 0:31:22
Row Row Row Your Boat 0:32:54
The Alphabet Song 0:34:48
The Super Simple Alphabet Song 0:37:43
The Shape Song #2 0:39:00
I See Something Pink 0:43:05
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Learn It) 0:45:54
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Sing It) 0:47:01
Go Away! 0:47:57
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? 0:49:32
Counting Bananas 0:51:57
Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt? 0:53:22
Count And Move 0:55:49
Do You Like Pickle Pudding? 0:56:59
If You're Happy 0:59:25
Do You Like Lasagna Milkshakes? 1:01:17
Five Little Monkeys 1:03:43
Bye Bye Goodbye 1:05:48
Little Snowflake 1:07:30
After A While, Crocodile 1:09:45