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How does "The Sharpie Shock Challenge" Work? from youtube by timjamesScience
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This video features me doing something which is slightly painful and could cause minor pain to anyone attempting to copy it. It is an extremely low risk activity (no more than would be experienced from standing too close to a bulb flash as it happens). Nonetheless, as I say in the video, don't try this at home, particularly not if you have sensitive skin.

On with the video: recently learnt about the sharpie challenge from some of my students which is the latest craze sweeping the internet. So we decided to do a bunch of experiments to try and explain what's going on Scientifically. I *think* we might have an answer!!!
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Special thanks to my year 10s for giving me the idea.

Super special thanks to my year 13s for buying me a new webcam which is much higher quality and is easier to edit with. You guys are awesome #roadman