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GoPro Camera: How to Use for Beginners from youtube by IrixGuy's Adventure Channel
featured video : MACROMATE MINI - Get Stunning Macro Video Underwater with your GoPro 3, 3+ & 4 Camera
featured video : How to move GoPro footage off your camera quickly and easy
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I've been using GoPro cameras for several years and wanted to share the knowledge learned with others. Learning how to use a GoPro camera may seem difficult at first but once the basics are learned, using a GoPro is simple. GoPro cameras are the best action camera on the market today and they give all videos filmed a first-person feel. A GoPro camera can be mounted almost anywhere and GoPro cameras will work underwater as well! Please share this video with others and subscribe to the IrixGuy Adventure Channel ( to enjoy all of my GoPro videos. Thanks!

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