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Genital Jousting - Date Night - Play Pals from youtube by Achievement Hunter
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Hey baby. It's Valentine's Day, and if Genital Jousting has tought me anything, we're just a few steps away from making some sweet, sweet dick love. Here baby. Take this spaghetti. Shove it right up your butthole. Yeah, baby. Juuuuuust like that. Mmmmmm. I bet that spaghetti tastes so good in your ass, doesn't it? Here. Let me get my butthole up on that other noodle. Yeah. Just like that, baby. Now, we just need to eat that butthole spaghetti until our natural starfish smooth up on each other. Yeah. Yeah. Just like that, baby. Happy Valentine's Day. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive AH content: ||| Get yer AH merch:

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