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CRAZY COCA COLA CHALLENGE! w/ Spiderman Joker & Hulk Toys Kids Video Coke Funny Movie in Real Life from youtube by DisneyCARS
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COCA COLA CHALLENGE! w/ Spiderman Hulk & Joker Kids Movie Funny in Real Life

Spiderbaby drinks coca cola until he drinks it all! He needs more coca -cola so he goes to a coca cola shop to buy more.. a lot more cans full of coca to make the coca cola challenge! Hulk gives the coke he needs and Spiderbaby begins to make a giant pyramid of Coca Cola cans (learn how to make a coca cola cans pyramid) ! But Joker comes with his motorbike and makes the pyramide of coca cola cans fall into the pool! (the coca coke cans challenge gone wrong :( ) He laugh and try to flee but Spiderbaby throws a can under his motorbike and makes him fall! Then we have mickey mouse, spiderman and hulk with their motorbike having fun! And finally mickey mouse going to mcdonalds drive thru!

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