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A Nation In Crisis: America's Education System Is Broken from youtube by LearnToLearn14
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related video : National Education Assessment System report about education in Pakistan Globalization has exploded the Information Age. Yet our education system isn't preparing our children for how to compete in the Global Economy. America is a nation in crisis. Did you know how little media attention this very real crisis receives?

Instead of teaching information that's quickly obsolete, teaching students how to take standardized IQ tests and achievement tests, labeling our children with learning disabilities and prescribing ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia medications, we should be celebrating and building the brainpower of each individual child.

Back to school is a nightmare for many parents - watching their child fall further behind - when we can identify learning weaknesses and FIX learning problems at the brain level. Brain fitness is the #1 competitive edge in the 21st century and our children's brainpower is America's future.

This new brain development science is both effective and affordable. Join the Learn To Learn Revolution - a Parents Revolution today.